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Health and Wellness: Sleep LAC

Co-designed by Mayo Clinic and the ASU Center for Mindfulness, Resilience and Compassion, course two reviews the important influences sleep has on your overall well-being, health and your ability to enjoy life.

What you'll learn:

Want to sleep better? Interested in how sleep hygiene can improve your performance, creativity and energy? This course will help you develop better sleep hygiene and habits by studying your sleep health and learning sleep strategies that can improve the quality and consistency of your rest.

Note: This course is not hosted on the Starbucks Global Academy platform. After enrolling, the course content will direct you on how to complete registration for this content.

Meet your instructor:

The course is brought to you by Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care, a university ranked #1 in innovation, and is designed with evidence-based content from Mayo Clinic, the #1 hospital in the U.S.* and one of the world’s leading experts in medical education, research and practice.